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Eastport Events

MRE Tug of War

Next date:  November 4, 2017

Watch the 2015 Tug, compliments of!
Eastport Remains Victorious (we like it this way)!

An age-old rivalry between Eastport and Annapolis continues....teams compete in a colossal tug of war that stretches across Spa Creek!  The muscle, the brawn, the courage, the audacity, the brains, the strategy, the endurance and best of all, the FUN is UNBELIEVABLE!




MRE Bridge Run

Next date:  TBD

"Extreme Sports Event"! - .05K Run across the Easport Bridge

This year's competition benefits Eastport Fire Department.  Details



Local Eastport Talent

We do love our music!

Eastport Oyster Boys - Somewhere on the Gulf of Eastport .... including the Boatyard!


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