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2014 Fishing Tournament

dick on stage judges
dick on stage judges 2
dick talk very crowded 2
dick speaking on stage
dick thanks sponsors
dick talk very crowded
dick with the ladies
dick wave
dick wave sign
food with Sandra 2
food (2)
food with Sandra
group bartenders
georgie dick and dont know
group shot dick et al
group shot dick et al 2
judge dave
john betz and eddie
Joanna and bar
kim dick yellow house porch
leaderboard with charles
maria flynn
maria flynn 2
measure in yellow house 3
measure in yellow house 2
measure in yellow house joe and elvia
measure in yellow house Elvia
measure in yellow house outside
3 Muscatellos
back of bar 2
3 judges again
1st place
3 judges
back of bar
on stage 3rd place angler talks
on stage yeti cooler
on stage yeti cooler winner
on stage youth angler 3 nice
rob and marie betz
tables in alley early
on stage youth angler 3 nice also
on stage youth angler 2
on stage youth angler
WRNR dick and alex
WRNR dick georgie alex

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