The Boatyard Bar & Grill is the #1 Shell Recycler in the Annapolis area!


819 bushels of beautiful oysters....that's about 409,500 oysters eaten at the Boatyard in 2018.


We recyle all those shells through the Oyster Recovery Partnership .  Why bother to recycle?  One important reason is that oyster reefs built from those shells are seeded with baby oysters and grown strategically throughout the Chesapeake Bay as a critical part of a healthy ecosystem.  All those oyster shells from 2018 were used to plant about 4 million baby oysters, known as "spat"!  

Boatyard is the #1 recycler in the Annapolis area, and came in at #5 of the top 10 DC, Baltimore and Annapolis area restaurants combined.  We are especially proud of all of the dedicated slurpers that are doing their part to heal the Bay!