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Boatyard Bar & Grill Straws are Compostable


In keeping with the Boatyard's commitment to a healthier environment, our straws are 100% plant based and completely compostable......since 2014!

Veteran Compost began composting our food waste in 2013 (now that is an incredible process!).   Not long after, Justen let us know that the beautiful Boatyard red straws were getting into the scraps and messing with the machinery.  Turning tail on our environmental pledge was not an option so we sourced a completely compostable green one.  Companies are increasingly leaning toward more eco-friendly products and fortunately the price has come way down, allowing smaller venues to participate too.  It's kind of cool that every step in the right direction creates a ripple of positive change!

Not wanting a straw with your beverage?  Please let our servers know!  We are happy to comply.

What else do we do?

Voted Best Raw Bar by What's Up Best of Annapolis 2018, we sell a whole lot oysters here at the Boatyard.

Delectible oyster flavors with very original names are normally sourced within a day's journey on the Eastern Seaboard.  We like 'em fresh!  In fact, Patty's Fattys are grown right here in the Bay by the Mahoney's, a true original Eastport-Annapolis' family of local watermen (more about Pat Mahoney) .  The big question of what do you do with those empty 90,000 shells was answered by joining the Oyster Recovery Partnership.  Each and every shell from those deliciously slurpy oysters make it back to the Bay in the form of re-populating oyster beds.  As natural filters, they generate optimally cleaner water - ultimately our guests and the Boatyard directly impact the health of the Chesapeake Bay!

The Boatyard Bar & Grill - committed to a healthier Bay, pint drinks, sailing fast, fishing with friends and happy kids!

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