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Boatyard Bar & Grill #1 Shell Recycler in Annapolis area

Delectible oyster flavors with very original names are normally sourced within a day's journey on the Eastern Seaboard.  We like 'em fresh!  In fact, Patty's Fattys are grown right here in the Bay by the Mahoney's, a true original Eastport-Annapolis' family of local watermen (more about Pat Mahoney) .  The big question of what do you do with those empty 90,000 shells was answered by joining the Oyster Recovery Partnership.  Each and every shell from those deliciously slurpy oysters make it back to the Bay in the form of re-populating oyster beds.  As natural filters, they generate optimally cleaner water - ultimately our guests and the Boatyard directly impact the health of the Chesapeake Bay!

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Oysters-unshucked The Boatyard's famous Sunday Buck-a-Shuck oysters have returned! Local grown Patty's Fatty's for just a buck an oyster - freshly delivered to our door by Wild Country Seafood. Pat Mahoney, owner and one of the last authentic Eastport-A

Famous_Sailors_Bars.jpgSailUniverse has named the Boatyard as one of the 10 Most Famous Sailors Bars in the World.

When owner Dick Franyo envisioned the Boatyard Bar & Grill, he saw it as a place where the casual sailor or Kiwi pro, avid boater or yacht owner, boat mechanic, fisherfolk and general lovers of the Chesapeake lifestyle would sit at the bar casually chatting up the last regatta or sharing briny tales of the big one that got away.


The South's Best Sandwiches - featuring Boatyard's amazing crab cakes!

Grab an extra napkin, and sit down to the tastiest wonders ever assembled on bread., July 2017 by Julia Rutland

Maryland: Boatyard Bar & Grill - Annapolis

On the corner of Severn Avenue and Fourth Street in Annapolis, the Boatyard Bar & Grill is just a few blocks from the water in the historic neighborhood of Eastport. Walking up the planked ramp and into the spacious restaurant, you might feel as if you've just strolled into a maritime museum. Photographs, paintings, and trophies cover the walls from floor to rafters. Look closely and you'll even see singer-songwriter Jack Johnso's autographed surfboard hanging from the beams. This gathering spot for local sailors and visitors alike keeps fresh Chesapeake Bay seafood prominent on the menu and maintains a loyal following for the Best Crab Cake Sandwich You'll Ever Eat. The generous crab cake is rounded high with jumbo lump crab that appears to defy gravity. Chef George Betz's secret recipe involves gently folding the crab in a rich sauce that helps hold everything together. The crab cake is broiled to a light golden brown and served on a tender brioche roll. A lemony house-made tartar sauce is included on the side and makes a great dipper for the fries that come with it. Don't fret if you can’t satisfy your craving with a visit to the restaurant'” the Boatyard ships crab cakes nationwide from its online store.

Order Boatyard Bar & Grill All Killer, No Filler crab cakes online.

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